Course work

Membership of the Institute is by way of its:

Diploma in Allergy & Environmental Therapy - Dip.A.E.T.

The Course is written by practising therapists and is based on nearly 30 years of experience in the successful treatment of allergic conditions. It comprises 10 substantial distance-learning modules together with attendance on one weekend for practical instruction and lectures at Ffynnonwen Natural Therapy Centre, Aberystwyth. All course materials are provided, together with text books.

Subjects covered are:

Introduction and historical
background in brief

Allergy and the Immune System

The Patient Interview

Testing for Allergens

The Muscle Test

Treatment of Allergies

Isopathic (Homoeopathic)

The Candida Connection

Food Intolerance

Anatomy and Physiology

The Psychological Connection

Allergic Symptoms & Iatrogenic Illness

Allergic Conditions of the Respiratory Tract

Allergic Conditions of the Alimentary Tract

Allergic Conditions of the Skin

Conditions of the Skeletal System

Conditions of the Nervous System

Conditions of the Reproductive System

Dental Amalgam Problems

Hyperactivity - ADHD

Post Viral Syndrome - Myalgic Encephalmyelitis

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

The Role of Parasites, Bacteria and Viruses

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Qualification through distance learning


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